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We are the leading supplier of chemicals and solvents to all industries. We supply chemicals of all types from the very basic to the complex specialties in bulk quantities. Our commitment to success and our excellence in quality has made us the most preferred dealer in Chemicals with the various industries.

We have been successfully supplying chemicals for rubber, printing inks, pesticides, polymer, pharmaceuticals, paints, resins, polymer, packaging and many other industries.

we know our responsibilities to our society and environment. We have been keeping strict adherence to the safety rules and regulations while dealing with the chemicals and we take care of our clients by guiding them on the safe preservation and handling methods.

We deal only with the quality products and we are flexible to our clients in fulfilling their requirements. Our basic strength is our customer care and so ‘we smile and serve this industry’.

About Us

Paragon Chemicals, a renowned name is the international standard chemical company established in 1995.

We produce a broad range of Chemicals which are widely used in various industries as the key ingredients for manufacturing various end products by our customers, like paint, pharmaceuticals, polymer, rubber packaging, pesticides, printing inks and resins.


Paragon Chemicals
65/61,Thirumangalam Road,
Above Indian Overseas Bank
Near Nathamuni Theatre


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