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Paragon Chemicals, a renowned name is the international standard chemical company established in 1995. We produce a broad range of Chemicals which are widely used in various industries as the key ingredients for manufacturing various end products by our customers, like paint, pharmaceuticals, polymer, rubber packaging, pesticides, printing inks and resins.

Our commitment to produce quality guaranteed products has gained a huge reputation in the international market. We now pride being one of the leading chemicals company with over thousands of satisfied customers from round the globe.

Our products are trusted for 100% international standard. We focus on delivering technology based solutions while maintaining our commitments to safety. We take our business in a balanced way, ensuring environmental protection, economic growth and with social responsibility. With the continued support of our customers, staff and marketing team, we experience a continuous growth in our business, extending our services to several industries.

Why Paragon Chemicals

With the global specialty, we produce a wide range of chemicals found in products used by people for their daily needs.

  • We focus on delivering technology-based and innovative solutions
  • We are committed to maintaining the safety
  • Our products are majorly used as key ingredients in the fiber, plastic and chemical manufacturing
  • We balance between social responsibility, economic growth and environmental safety
  • We provide 100% satisfied customer services
  • We supply highest quality chemicals with accreditation
our company

With a large customer base, Paragon Chemicals extend our chemical production to a wide range according to the requirements of our customers and industrial requirements. Our extensive market experience has further gained us a huge knowledge in producing tailor-made products.

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About Us

We are the leading supplier of chemicals and solvents to all industries. We supply chemicals of all types from the very basic to the complex specialties in bulk quantities. Our commitment to success and our excellence in quality.

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