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Quality Policy

It is the company’s Policy to Supply quality products which meet our customers requirements and satisfaction. Establish and encourage strong working relationship with both customer and suppliers.

A two way communication process at all levels of the company to facilitate understanding and ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system. Maintenance of and improvements to the quality management system are planned and systematic. Constant monitoring of the system.

customer requirements

Consistently meeting customer requirements through value added products and services. Implementing and following a quality management system.Best Possible Service to our customers. Communication of this policy to our employees. To our customer, we pledge quality products and superior service. We will strive to understand their needs and meet our commitments to them 100% of the time

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We are the leading supplier of chemicals and solvents to all industries. We supply chemicals of all types from the very basic to the complex specialties in bulk quantities. Our commitment to success and our excellence in quality.

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